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How it works + Ingredients

Why you need Provigrax and how it works with other illnesses

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection that lasts long enough for penetration. There are various degrees of erectile dysfunction and that is due to the fact that this condition can be determined by a wide range of factors, including physical and psychological issues, alcohol or tobacco consumption, depression and stress. It is believed that more than 50% of men suffer from ED, because it is very common in elderly men.

Remedies for erectile dysfunction have been available on the market for a while now and it all started with the development of Viagra and other synthetic pills. While these help, they are not entirely safe and can cause some health issues in case of long term consumption.

Luckily, doctors have been trying to find alternative solutions to erectile dysfunction of late. One of these solutions is Provigrax, a supplement that deals with erectile dysfunction and has no side effects. The formula for our product has been inspired by traditional Chinese and Indian medicine principles and ingredients, herbs that have been known as remedies for impotence for centuries. These active ingredients are all safe to use and they will not harm your body in any way.

One of the most important advantages that Provigrax has in comparison with prescription pills such as Viagra is that it can be taken even if you are suffering from other medical conditions. It is widely known that men that have diabetes tend to develop forms of erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years earlier than men without diabetes. This is because diabetes takes its toll on the circulatory system and that in turn leads to weaker erections. Provigrax works wonders due to its amazing ingredients that will also boost stamina and energy while ensuring that the blood flow to the penis is stimulated.

Provigrax has been tested and approved for other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, testosterone deficiency, high cholesterol levels, kidney or liver diseases and even depression. Our formula will not cause harm to your normal body functions and that means you will be able to deal with your condition and still enjoy a normal sex life. Stay clear of prescription pills and try the natural supplement that is guaranteed to give you greater sexual performance, without any side effects. Millions of customers worldwide have benefited from our revolutionary product, so why don’t you?

“My boyfriend has been using Provigrax for 2 weeks now and the results are amazing, his erections are stiffer than before and he is able to maintain them for longer periods of time. I feel like our relationship has been taken to the next level thanks to our new found sex life. We have sex 5 times a week now and we enjoy it more and more every time, Provigrax is truly an amazing product.”
 Maria, 27, Miami

“Because I am suffering from high blood pressure, my doctor told me to keep away from products like Viagra. Unfortunately that hasn’t done wonders for my sex life and I started feeling frustrated because I couldn’t maintain an erection for more than 10 minutes at a time. After visiting a gynecologist, I found out about Provigrax and that made me feel young again. I checked with my doctor and he said there is no risk in taking Provigrax so I have been using it for a while now to spectacular effects. Thank you for developing such an amazing product.”
 Mark, 41, Berlin

Avoid impotence and keep your relationship healthy with lots of action in the bedroom

Recent studies show that a healthy sex life is a very important part of a relationship as it ensures a balanced mood and it brings couples together. Unfortunately, in the past decade, because of a more demanding life style, men have showed signs of developing erectile dysfunction problems at an earlier age and that has also impacted fertility and even psychological health. Men start feeling disgruntled when experiencing problems during sex and that can lead to serious depression. Another important issue is that their female partners also notice the decrease of performance and that can sometimes become an added stress factor. It has been known that couples that enjoy having sex on a regular basis have stronger and more rewarding relationships than those that have problems with sexual activity.

If your relationship is suffering because of poor sex, it is time to make a move and bring back the heat in the bedroom. Provigrax will do just that by boosting your sex drive and your stamina. Your state of mind will drastically improve once your sexual performance becomes better each time you use our product. Revitalize your relationship and bring joy to your lover by offering her multiple orgasms and endless moments of pleasure.

Remember, if you want dramatically improve your sex life, use a natural product that is guaranteed to help you deal with erectile dysfunction! Use Provigrax!

Provigrax – ingredients

Erectile dysfunction is a very sensible medical issue and that is why extreme care should be taken when it comes to trying to get rid of it. The Provigrax formula was developed by our specialists using only active ingredients that work together towards eliminating impotence. Because the ingredients we use are all natural, the manufacturing costs are also significantly lower than those of synthetic pills like Viagra and Cialis. In order to achieve such amazing results, we have carefully researched a lot of herbs until we found the right blend that will help you deal with impotence. The blood flow inside the penis will see notable improvement and that will allow for more blood to be trapped inside it.

This in turn leads to stiffer erections and even an increase in girth and length. Your energy levels will spike and so will your testosterone. Provigrax also provides nutrients that help improve sexual performance in males while preventing some of the factors that cause impotence.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that pills developed through artificial processes are better. They usually come with harmful side effects that can develop into new issues. Some of the most common side effects of Viagra are headaches and facial flushing but diarrhea has also been reported as less common one. Provigrax does not come with any of these and it is also easier to assimilate by the body. That is why we take pride in our risk free formula.

Here are the ingredients we chose for Provigrax.

• Niacin – also known as vitamin B3, it does wonders for your energy levels and will also have great effect on your blood vessels (they will become more flexible, thus allowing them to expand more). Your erection will reach maximum anatomical size and will stay strong when you are sexually aroused.

• Vitamin B6 – also focuses on the blood vessels. Because with age, the blood gets thicker, your blood vessels in your penis need to expand in order to accommodate a larger quantity of blood.

• L-Arginine - this brings the high level of nitric oxide, a crucial element for allowing blood vessels to expand.

• L-Phenylalanine – it is an amino acid that contributes in achieving a good mood.

• Epimedium – also known as Horny Goat Weed, it is a plant that has been known in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries because it increases libido and helps deal with erectile dysfunction. It can also be found as a individual product.

• Maca – a plant that is rich in nutrients, it contains: 60% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 8.5% dietary fiber. It is also a good source for minerals such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and Iron. Provigrax is the highest quality product that comes in affordable prices!

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