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Frequently asked questions about Provigrax

What is Provigrax?
Provigrax is an 100% natural supplement that was designed to deal with erectile dysfunction and to help men achieve improved sexual performance.

Why is Provigrax better than prescription pills?
Unlike prescription pills such as Viagra or Cialis, Provigrax benefits from an entirely natural formula that works against impotence in a safer way and without any health risks. Because of its revolutionary formula, Provigrax also improves overall well-being and body functions.

What can Provigrax do for me?
Provigrax will allow you to achieve rock hard erections and impressive stamina during sexual activity.

What is the recommended dose for Provigrax?
The recommended dose is two pills taken 20 minutes before sex with a glass of warm water in order to ensure a rapid engorgement of the penis.

Can I mix Provigrax with alcohol?
Yes, Provigrax can even be taken with a glass of beer and the results will be the same. There is no risk in mixing our product with alcohol so you will be able to enjoy all the aspects of a good party.

Are there any side effects?
Provigrax has been carefully tested to make sure there are no hazardous side effects. Our product consists of a blend of active ingredients that will in fact contribute to your health and not harm it like prescription pills do.

What does Provigrax contain?
Provigrax contains only active ingredients and herbs that work together against impotence. To see a more detailed description please check our Ingredients page.

Do you offer a refund policy?
We take customer satisfaction very seriously so we offer a refund policy, in order to find out more please visit our refund policy page
Is it safe to order on the internet?
Your personal information is encrypted in 128 bit code so you can rest assured that your privacy will be respected.

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